The Golden Brickies Awards

To generate social currency and press coverage for LEGO Star Wars, keeping the brand front of mind with the dual target audience of parent and child.

Launch the first LEGO® Star Wars™ national ‘Oscar-style’ awards ceremony just for fans called ‘The Golden Brickies’

Using LEGO social channels to launch a user generated content competition, encouraging parents and their children to build together – entering their creations into specific categories for ‘best video’, ‘best picture’ and ‘soundtrack’ just like their own Oscars. Generated high engagement with LEGO Star Wars brand over the campaign period through continuous cool content and prizes. Entries were judged by an expert panel including Warwick Davies, with finalists invited to a VIP awards ceremony at LEGOLAND Windsor to collect their ‘Golden Brickies’ award.

63,682,350 media readership
1,724,736 – social reach
3,672,574 – Impressions
x25 – Total ROI